Benefits of Daycare

It may be hard when you need to send your child to daycare. You have probably spent their infant years with them and now, it may be time for you to go back to work. It is a tough time with a lot of tears and a lot of decisions. Daycare can actually be incredibly great for your child and have myriad benefits.

Regular Schedule

A schedule is important for a child as they grow. Having a routine is a great way to help with their brain development. It can help a child’s intellectual development if they have jobs and a routine that is the same every day. This helps them to understand how important routines are at school and at home.  This is also why nap times are the same every day, along with lunchtime and recess.

Academic Skills

When a child goes to daycare, they are exposed to new ways of learning. Daycares have many activities for children that can help to pique their interest in science, math, art, and reading. This will help them to be well on the way with their academic skills. The best quality daycares supply children with activities that help to build their cognitive skills. This will help them in the future in school and with testing.

Social-Emotional Skills

Children need to be able to have some socialization in their lives. Daycare is a great way to meet new friends and learn how to take turns and share. It is also a great way for parents to meet other parents and share similar interests and advice. Social-emotional skills are very important at an older age as well. When children learn how to be kind to one another and use gentle hands, they will do very well when they begin to get into higher grades. They will also be better at making new friends and including all types of different friends.

Transition to Kindergarten

The move to kindergarten can be tough for children who have never been in school before. This is why taking them to daycare will help them so much. They will already know what a routine is like and they will be prepared for changes. Their transition to kindergarten will be much easier on them if they know what to expect. It will also be easier on you when you see them making new friends and feeling like part of a team.

Daycare is important for many reasons. You will begin to notice the changes in your child right away and you will see that they are positive. Never be afraid to take them to daycare because they will be learning a lot more than you think!