Tips On Improving The Education System

Tips On Improving The Education System

Education is the primary and most significant requirement in every country without which there will be absolutely no growth or development. Our country values education as one of the important necessities to be provided to each citizen and as a result boasts of many excellent schools and colleges. Even so, our education system can still use a little tweaking here and there in order to improve it and in this article, we have sought to explore some of these changes we can make to it.


It is essential for all schools to be permitted to provide skill-based education, for, in the long run, this is important for self-employment and career building. Our conventional education system does not have a very career focused approach and does not focus much on recognizing individual areas of interest. This has not proved beneficial for a large number of students, especially those from the lower class of society. These students must be given the opportunity to recognise and hone their own individual skills and must be introduced to technical and skill-based education at a basic level to help prepare them to make a career out of whatever they are good at.

It is disappointing to note that many teachers recruited by educational institutions do not seem to have the training and knowledge required to educate and enlighten a classroom. It is the need of the hour that we reform how we recruit, train and appoint our teachers and provide a curriculum for them that ensures uniformity in the teaching standards all over our country. It is also essential that they are provided training on a regular basis and also that feedback and reviews are collected from students and parents which is also beneficial. It is only good teachers that bring out successful students; hence effort must be put into how these teachers are chosen.

Even today, many young children despite being skilled and intelligent, are not able to receive the education they deserve simply because they don’t have the resources or finance for the same. This needs to change. Basic Education must be equally provided to children all over the country and provisions must be made for this. Schemes and schools must be set up in rural areas along with experienced teachers to educate the children. Further, scholarships, grants and subsidies must also be provided to underprivileged children who wish to be provided access to higher education. There must be uniformity in the educational opportunities provided to students in every corner of the country.



Education of parents is also an important factor that will contribute towards improving our education system. They must be taught to embrace and encourage their child’s individual skills and whatever it is they are good at, instead of forcing them into a course or career option they believe is right for the child. Forced education will often cause the child to succumb to stress and depression, which in turn will badly affect his or her academic performance. As a result, parents must allow their child to learn and improve whatever skills they are good at than forcing their own opinions on them and leading them down a path they don’t like.

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